At NARTech, our purpose is to help the federal government and commercial clients improve their productivity and profitability through technology. Solving the IT puzzle can be confusing and time consuming if you don’t have access to the right expertise and knowledge. NARTech works closely with our clients and we continually improve our processes to achieve customer satisfaction. Our team speaks your language. We may be very technically minded, but we really enjoy speaking with our clients. This is essential in communicating the client’s needs and gaining valuable feedback on the services we provide.

Technical Training Services

NARTech provides Training Services to assist with technology products such as computers, Intranets, Extranets, and software. We teach leading-edge technology, tricks and best practices, while emphasizing underlying concepts so that you won’t need to memorize a lot of detail.

Security Awareness Training

NARTech assists in training members of an organization regarding the protection of various information assets of that organization. This involves methods for protecting sensitive information on personal computer systems, including password policy and Various computer security concerns including spam, malware, phishing, social engineering, etc.

Software Training

NARTech provides software training services to businesses in order to maximize productivity and overall knowledge of their software applications. The result is businesses are better informed and able to effectively plan their software use to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Education and training

Types of IT Infrastructure Management

  • Blended Approach – we incorporate training strategies that maximize knowledge acquisition and skill development
  • Proven Combination – we provide the right mix of training tools, media, and services
  • Flexible – we can deliver a variety of training options spanning the informational, security, and performance arenas, based on our clients needs and budget
  • Delivery – we offer multiple modes of delivery including Instructor-led, Virtual, Train-the-Trainer, and On-site; and provide supplementary Guides and Reference Materials