NARTech: The DevSecOps Champions

CIO Review 10 Most Promising DevOps Consulting/Services Companies for 2019

An expert with Agile DevSecOps capabilities and a unique CMMI Level 5 qualification, NARTech integrates automated testing and code quality inspection through its DevSecOps toolchain and pipeline tool, AppGen. “Our auto-generated DevSecOps application pipeline includes code quality scanning, regression testing, 508 compliance, Docker builds, and cloud deployment, and can be enhanced to use almost any tool necessary for a client’s DevSecOps environment,” Ms. Urusa Salman, the CEO of NARTech said.

NARTech’s AppGen DevSecOps tool automates the generation of source code and repositories, creating scripts for Jenkins build jobs, and provisioning the runtime environment on the AWS cloud platform. By using Agile DevSecOps practices and a cloud-based technology platform, NARTech was able to go from initial market research and analysis to production release within six months.

At NARTech, DevSecOps is not an afterthought; it is baked into our agile systems development lifecycle as an integral component With their strategic, innovative approach to DevSecOps, the company can help an agency transform their operations into a state-of-the-art Agile enterprise, utilizing a leading-edge toolchain for their DevSecOps pipeline.

“We have been aggressively marketing our innovative DevSecOps capabilities and plan to focus on this growing space over the next several years. And we practice what we preach- we are continuously improving our own internal DevSecOps capabilities through our CMMI Level 5 initiative to ensure that our internal systems remain on the leading edge of DevSecOps technologies,” concludes Ms. Salman.

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