Enter NARTech. Drawing from its expertise in providing integrated DevSecOps services for mission-critical application development, NARTech offers an answer to the ongoing problem between development speed and security of digital applications. “At NARTech, DevSecOps is in the DNA of everything we do. Contrary to the fact that testing the application security at every stage would only lengthen the project timeline, NARTech believes that automating application testing and code inspection can help our clients make their application development ecosystem more agile and secure,” underscores Urusa Salman, CEO of NARTech.

To this end, NARTech, the CMMI level 5 certified company, is helping clients quickly develop secured digital applications with its application generation DevSecOps toolchain—AppGen. It is a low-code application development environment enabling users to develop microservice-ready web and mobile applications and automate application tests, code quality inspection, and CI/CD pipeline right from the get-go. As a result, organizations can develop and roll out safe and secured cloud-based and on-premise software applications in a quick iterative manner.

NARTech, the CMMI Level 5 certified company, is currently helping federal clients accelerate the development of secured digital applications with its DevSecOps application generation DevSecOps toolchain—AppGen

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