BETHESDA, MD, November 2022 – NARTech announced that it has been appraised a 4th time at the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 5 for developing software products with the highest quality and productivity that meet customer needs . With this significant achievement, NARTech remains in an elite group of forty (40) companies across the United States who have reached this notable milestone. This CMMI Level 5 appraisal places NARTech among the Top 5% of appraisals in the United States , according to the CMMI Institute’s Published Appraisal Results. As organizations mature, they progress through the following levels: 1-Initial > 2-Managed > 3-Defined > 4-Quantitatively Managed > 5-Optimizing. Thus, CMMI-Dev L5 is analogous to the organization having a doctorate-level degree of knowledge, i.e., the highest level of software development capability.

CMMI-DEV Level 5 Appraised 2022

This CMMI Level 5 Appraisal conducted by an independent 3rd party appraiser demonstrates how well NARTech does in terms of productivity, quality, and risk management on its software engineering projects compared to others in this industry through the implementation of 192 practices in 19 process areas. NARTech was commended for the following strengths in its CMMI High Maturity Appraisals: (1) Continued maturity of the organization to meet and exceed the business objectives and performance goals for staying within 10% schedule/cost variance; (2) Corporate Commitment and the Project Team living continuous improvement; (3) Level of staff expertise; (4) High customer satisfaction ratings; (5) Exceptional risk management; (6) Innovative use of technologies including Microsoft SharePoint, Azure/AWS Cloud, AI/ML, DevSecOps, CI/CD, and Serverless architecture to support Agile development with collaboration and CMMI Highly Mature practices; (7) Use of latest virtual and mobile workforce tools to enhance instant communication and sharing of information; (8) Well established baselines and predictive models for highly mature estimation and quantitative project management; (9) Teamwork with focus on attention to detail; and (10) Excellent use of value-add NARTech management and technical infrastructure assets such as the Project Management Portal (PMP) and Application Generation (AppGen) toolchain for quick project start-ups, cost savings, and continued success.

In an industry where nearly 70% of software projects fail, NARTech has a record of delivering on time/on budget with 100% client satisfaction over the last 15-year period on all its prime contracts. To NARTech, CMMI Level 5 is more than a badge; we are committed to continuous improvement and predictably meeting project goals for schedule, cost, and customer satisfaction. For example, in this last round of capability improvements, NARTech software development projects for clients performed within 6.3% of the predicted range for both cost and schedule. Previously, we delivered a 25% reduction in cost via Automated Testing implementation and 75% savings via DevSecOps Pipeline and Application Generation on our CMMI L5-run application development, operations, and maintenance projects. The CMMI Level 5 appraisal this 4th time reaffirms NARTech’s capability to deliver with Discipline, Consistency, Effectiveness, and Efficiency every time and all the time for its federal clients on some of the most challenging, complex, and highly visible IT projects.

NARTech, Inc. is WOSB/SDB certified and has specialized in providing Digital Solutions, IT Applications Modernization, and Data Governance services over the last 20 years. More information on NARTech is available at and on CMMI is available at